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If you’ve grown weary and tired of the same old mumbo-jumbo you hear on many Podcasts today, then don’t subscribe to any others till you read this!

CONFESSIONS OF A LIFETIME ENTREPRENEUR is a Podcast unlike any other. Your host, lifetime Entrepreneur Rick Nielsen is not just some ordinary run of the mill guy.

Not by a long shot!

You see, he created this Podcast as a way of passing along his three plus decades of trial and error, success and failure, strategies and tactics on to you... The next generation Entrepreneur. Helping you excel down the road of prosperity in record time.

Rick covers a wide range of topics such as online business, building passive income, new generation entrepreneurship, time control, business minimalist, web sites, information products, selling online...just to name a few!

Sit back and listen how Rick effortlessly weaves real life stories with results driven business know-how, making this one of the most entertaining and useful Podcasts for you...the success seeking individual.

Don’t miss a single episode of CONFESSIONS OF A LIFETIME ENTREPRENEUR...your bank account will thank you for it!



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