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Great Traffic Getting SecretYouTube SEO is getting more attention these days as online video has skyrocketed! But do you know the cool tricks pros are using? In this little training get-together, I will cover two key tricks than can help get your videos ranked higher on YouTube. I will also show you a SEO trick that helped take one of my blog posts from number 10 to number 7 on Google. AND how that same trick took a two week old blog post from no ranking to number 15 on Google…in ONLY 24 hours!! You are not going to want to miss this one!!!

Check out the video on YouTube SEO on my YouTube channel, along with dozens more!!

Here is the MP3 Podcast to download if you like!
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Rick Nielsen

I make it my job to filter out the noise and direct the small business owner to the 10% of applicable knowledge on the internet. From early on, my philosophy has not been to forever tether the client to myself for information. Instead, I would much rather enable the small business owner, by providing a tutorial on developing internet skills and then sending the client off in the right direction with a well designed roadmap.

4 thoughts on “YouTube SEO”

  1. Hello Rick,
    Thank you for the fantastic You Tube SEO. Could you please help and explain how it is possible to create a Joomla or WordPress website in Arabic language.
    Thank you

  2. Athim,
    Thanks for the reading my YouTube SEO post!

    As for your question on building a WordPress blog in another language: This is the link I send everyone to that asks this question: This will give you an overview on how to accomplish what your looking for. As for Joomla, I’m not as skilled in that software as WordPress, but let me see what I can find and I will get back to you.

    Thanks again for stopping by and following my blog!! Good luck in all you do.

  3. Hi Rick, thanks for the tips. I am trying your last suggestion (I already do the others :) by adding a link from my blog post back to my Youtube Channel and hope to see similar results. Thanks again for the pointers!

  4. Your welcome Julie! Sometimes it’s difficult to know what really works and what is junk SEO, but one nice thing about the Internet: easy test and tune! Thanks again for visiting!

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