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Great Traffic Getting SecretOnline Video Marketing is one of the most powerful ways to drive traffic and build your credibility. There is simply no better way to engage your audience, build a following and tell your product or service story better than with video.

The following video further explains the strengths of video storytelling. However, the video was shot a little over a year ago. Which mean some of the information, such as video sharing sites and how YouTube works, have changed. But the core concept of video marketing remains the same.

Take a look at the video, post your comments. And as always, if you have questions – ask away. I’ll respond with answers!

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  1. says

    Hi Rick, This afternoon I was looking for a video on simple photo editing and I found your video on Picnik . Just what I was looking for. I then spent the next few hours watching some of your other videos. You do a great job. I really enjoy the fact that you rember a time before the internet. In 1998 I was in a bar with my sisterinlaw celibrating our birthday, when a drunk guy told us how to use her new internet. Dial Up. bet that’s one you have not heard for a while. Since then I have always been the customer online. Now I will tell you why I think wordpress is the best for small business. This spring I decided to go eCommerce. I have been Brick and Mortar, in small town Canada, since 2003. That no longer suits my lifestyle, but I really enjoy retail so online I go. As I was winding down the last couple of months I started studying. Learned a ton about SEO, and headed for the most recommended store front. Shopify. That was on July 2nd. ya a bit over a month ago. Now I am not one to think of myself as dumb but as I tried to figure that silly thing out, I felt dumber by the minute. Add a product….. To what????? So I hit YouTube for some help. They are no help there either. This is where I found wonderful howto videos on building an online store with WordPress. I have a lot to learn and I change the site hourly. But thanks to great videos like yours I am well on my way. Keep it up, and Thanks again Barb.

  2. Rick Nielsen says

    Keep persistent Brain. Shit changes on the web so quickly, it sometimes feels overwhelming. But don’t get discouraged!!

    Good luck friend!

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