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Video Marketing 101

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Great Traffic Getting SecretOnline Video Marketing is one of the most powerful ways to drive traffic and build your credibility. There is simply no better way to engage your audience, build a following and tell your product or service story better than with video.

The following video further explains the strengths of video storytelling. However, the video was shot a little over a year ago. Which mean some of the information, such as video sharing sites and how YouTube works, have changed. But the core concept of video marketing remains the same.

Take a look at the video, post your comments. And as always, if you have questions – ask away. I’ll respond with answers!

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Rick Nielsen

I make it my job to filter out the noise and direct the small business owner to the 10% of applicable knowledge on the internet. From early on, my philosophy has not been to forever tether the client to myself for information. Instead, I would much rather enable the small business owner, by providing a tutorial on developing internet skills and then sending the client off in the right direction with a well designed roadmap.

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