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Great Traffic Getting SecretSo you want to learn how to get YouTube subscribers eh? Well, today is your lucky day! In this video lesson, I cover how I use one of the most effective automated tools available: TubeToolBox.

A powerful social network, I recommend that all small businesses and bloggers actively use YouTube. In fact, most marketing experts agree that if you or your business have not established an online video presence, you might be in for a long uphill climb winning online visitors.

Slowly, businesses and bloggers are adopting YouTube as part of their overall marketing bag-of-tricks because they understand that YouTube builds a loyal audience that keeps coming back for more.  And what business doesn’t want loyal subscribers? What’s the best way to achieve this? (Watch these videos)

My Training Video

Tube Tollbox Video

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TubeToolBox. This software automates the process of sending friend or “Contact” requests to members of the YouTube community interested in your business niche(s). Sure you could spend hours, days or even weeks manually building your followers.  But why would you do that when TubeToolBox gets the same results within minutes? If your time is a valuable commodity to you, then automating this process is a must.

Time to get busy! You have all heard the phrase, “Nothing good lasts forever” right? Well, nothing holds that phrase more true than the Internet. Even though YouTube allows TubeToolBox to be used on their site today, it has become very clear that tools like TubeToolBox have short self-lives. If YouTube changes its policy next week and no longer permits TubeToolBox, then the game is over for everyone.

That’s why I want anyone who reads this to at least give TubeToolBox a try. The majority of my blog traffic comes from YouTube and it has made all the difference to my business. Maybe it can for you as well!

Good luck and rock on!

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I make it my job to filter out the noise and direct the small business owner to the 10% of applicable knowledge on the internet. From early on, my philosophy has not been to forever tether the client to myself for information. Instead, I would much rather enable the small business owner, by providing a tutorial on developing internet skills and then sending the client off in the right direction with a well designed roadmap.

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